A view of an ocean bay, dotted with sailboats at anchor.
A woman rides her bike down the street.
A husband and wife walk into a store on a very sunny day.
Closeup of the bow of an old rowboat pulled onto the shore of the beach.
A young child plays on the beach in shallow water.
A view looking out at the beach.  A beach house stands in the foreground.
Children playing in a courtyard by the beach.
A table set with a tropical centerpiece.
A woman and child standing in the woods.
A street trolley in San Francisco.
San Francisco Bay
The Legion of Honor in San Francisco
The Embarcadero in San Francisco
A beach house behind a trellis with pink flowers.
A road leading to a villa at Round Hill Jamaica
A small sailboat boat anchored in Harbour Island, Bahamas
A large table with votive candles and a large centerpiece.
A young girls runs next to her house.
Geometric rooftops.
A woman rides a Vespa scooter down the street.
Boats anchored in an ocean bay.  A seagull flies in the foreground.
A sea urchin.
A small plane takes off from a runway near the beach.
A small plane takes off from a runway near the beach.
An elegant place setting with a centerpiece made of exotic flowers.
A young girl stands on the beach in pink, sparkly shoes.
Two pastel striped beach chairs placed under a pastel striped umbrella.
Two girls run down a sandy walkway.
A horse drawn carriage in a street.
A flock of seagulls fly over the beach.
A house and dock at Harbour Island, Bahamas
A rustic trellis stands at the entrance of a garden.
A cabin next to a lake.
Two filled wine glasses on a cutting board.
A couple sit shoulder to shoulder. His outfit is blue, and hers is yellow.
A large hotel sits in a vast, wooded forest. Fog rolls into the valley.
A woman sits in a car, looking out the open window directly aat the camera.
Profile of a girl in a bright red dress eating a bright red strawberry.
Two rows of houses on the beach front.
Flowering trees on a cobblestone walkway.